Saturday, 29 June 2013

London Midweek Break

Hello again :)

This week, I have been down to London for a bit of a mini break with my boyfriend. The main reason we went down to London was to see our favourite comedians, but we made a trip of it and did some other stuff as we were down there :)

We got the Mega Bus down; as we are both students and we don't really have the money to be spending it on trains when the bus is just so much cheaper. As we weren't in a rush we didn't mind it taking a bit longer. We got the bus from Leeds at 9.30 on Tuesday morning and arrived in London at 3pm, this was an hour later than expected because a lorry was on fire which meant we were sat in traffic for an hour :/ but still can’t complain because it only cost us £4 each, each way, which I thought was amazing as the drivers were lovely and the coaches were modern with plenty of room :)

When we arrived in London we Google mapped the hotel and it ended up only being a 30 minute walk, so we decided to walk instead of use the underground. We were staying in Covent Gardens and we were dropped off in Victoria so it meant we walked past Buckingham Palace which was a nice surprise :) the flag was up which I think means the Queen was in :)

Our first night there we treated ourselves to a nice meal in Covent Gardens and went to a little place called 21 and had pizza and we just people watched which was really lovely :)  

On the Wednesday we had a shopping day where we went round Soho, Carnaby Street and Oxford Street. As we were walking through Soho we saw Eddie Izzard filming so watched that for a bit and when just down the road I spotted Gok Wan driving his Porsche :) I think he was checking my outfit out so that made me happy :P

In these areas there are some of mine and my boyfriend’s favourite shops like Supreme, Cheap Monday, Johnny Cupcakes and some comic shops but also make-up for me :P I was really excited to buy something from Johnny Cupcakes because I just love the brand and the shop looks like a real bakery even though it actually sells clothes :) I bought a top with the logo on and my boyfriend got one as well :) they come in these really nice boxes which really look like they could  have some delicious cupcakes in. Can't wait to get more of their stuff!

The main reason though was to see Jake and Amir, they are so funny and upload videos every Tuesday to the college humour website When we found out they were going to be in London this summer we bought tickets straight away! The show was at the Soho theatre, and the room was prefect as you were really close to them and felt like a proper comedy show :) they were also joined by Streeter who also works for college humour. Overall the humorous triplet were just so good and I laughed through the whole thing, they also encouraged audience participation which I thought was good. 

Afterwards they did a meet and great, which I was stupidly excited for, I nearly fan girled in front of them. We did have to wait a while but it was completely worth it! We got them to sign a front cover of the comic my boyfriend is drawing for them which was really amazing :) I really hope they come back to the UK soon.

Our last day was mainly spent just sight-seeing, but we also managed to go to the Tate Modern. We walked everywhere when we were in London so by Thursday my feet really did hurt, but it was worth it to see all the things we did. We left the hotel at around 11 and walked to the Tate (might I add we had the suitcase with us all day, which my boyfriend had to drag round)

The bus home was at 6pm and we got into Leeds at 10.30pm. I'm so pleased we went down to London, it was an amazing couple of days and I think we really did make the most our time there. I love visiting London now and again because it's such a lovely city :)

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak soon 
Bye :)

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