Monday, 3 June 2013

Goodbye Polly

Hello :)

Today's post is going to be about my car, I know this might not interest some of you but I wanted to just do a small blog on her because this car did mean a lot to me, which sounds silly but if you know me you would understand :P

I car was called Polly because she was a Fiat Punto and there was a toy parrot inside :P this car was mine and my brothers first car and my family owned her for 8 years and this is why we formed such an attachment to the car. Saying that the car was 12 years old of course she had bumps and scraps but that just added to the character. 

Unfortunately, as she got older more things started to go wrong and it was costing us to much to keep and fix her as she wasn't much anyway. I drove Polly for 2 years and she was the car that made me love driving. I'm such a car person but this little car couldn't have been better for my first car. 

So last Friday we did part ex-change her for a new car for myself and I have to say even though I was very excited for my new car, it was sad to see her go.

Have you ever had a car that you have grown an attachment to? 

Hope you enjoying reading and speak to you soon 
Bye :)

1 comment:

  1. first cars are the best. ive had mine for a while now and heart it!

    ps love your sad face! it made me lol hard!

    Fikki of The Pastime Bliss

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