Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Centre Parcs

Hello :)

At the weekend me and my family went on a little trip away to centre parcs, for people who don't live in the UK or just don't know what centre parcs it, it's like a village in the forest where people go for long weekends or weeks for a short break. They are full of activities like horse riding, tennis, football, paint balling and swimming, when you are they you can plan which activities you want to take part in, some do have an additional price. I love this place and I have been so many times since I was little. We have always gone to the Windfell one as thats the one which is best for all my family, however there are a few dotted around the country.

Me, my parents and my boyfriend when on the friday morning and just had a wonder round and lunch when we got there, which I have to say was amazing, we had savoury and sweet pancakes. After we then went to the pool and had a swim, it was like being a kid again as I got way to excited about all the slides :) My brother and his girlfriend came later that night and we had a full house :)

On the saturday I did archery in the morning, which was such good fun and I would really love to do it again. I have done some shooting before on my grandparents farm and I love hitting targets and stuff. After that we had a game of tennis (which I found out I really do suck at) which was really good fun and had a good laugh. We had a BBQ for lunch which was really nice as the sun was out and we could sit outside and enjoy the weather :) Later that afternoon we had booked to have the twilight spa which was 4-9. This was just amazing, you become relaxed the minute you stepped in, 5 hours sounds a lot but there were so many steam rooms to try, pools, beauty talks and relaxation rooms you could easily fill your time in.

Sunday morning we had another game of tennis (I improved a little bit) then wondered around the park, played some pool, went to the pool and played cards with the whole family. That night we went out for dinner and I had a massive steak but thats my favourtie thing :) my brother and his girlfriend left that night but we left in the morning and had a starbucks breakfast :)

As you can tell it was an action packed weekend and was lovely to spend time with everyone :) we are hopefully going back sometime next year which I can't wait for :) 

 mine was the second one in
 me thinking I can play
 my birthdays next week but this was a surprise with the whole family

Have you every been to something like centre parcs?

Hope you've enjoyed reading and Ill speak to you soon
Bye :)  

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  1. I've been to centre parcs and I love it. It's a great short break to have fun.


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