Monday, 27 January 2014

Lovestruck by Vera Wang

Hello again my lovelies, 

I find it really hard to find a perfume that fits me and smells all day! I normally find with perfumes that I can smell them to start with but once I have walked out the door the smell is gone! I have tried many different brands but haven't found the one for me yet! 

When I was on holiday last year I tried Vera Wang Lovestruck and loved the smell, both my parents mentioned how lovely it smelt on me and how they could smell it hours after I had sprayed it on :) for Christmas I received this bottle and couldnt be happier, every time I wear it some mentions how lovely it smells and how it suits me :)

The packaging is so pretty and looks so nice on my dressing table, I love the flowers and how much detail is in it :) I think once its ran out I might even just keep the bottle! 

It has a lovely floral smell to it, if you haven't tried it and fancy a lovely perfume for the spring I would suggest having a look at this :) I think once I have gone through this I might get another!!

Which perfumes suit you best? Any Spring recommendations?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Chocolate Pasta Pudding

Hello again my lovelies, 

So I am back to university, which is bad and good! For my last night at home my mum and I cooked chocolate pasta :D my mum brought it back from her holiday last year and we just haven't got round to making it. When we were looking through our recipe books we came across one for chocolate pasta and thought it would be a great to try on my last night! 

It was really simple to make and you don't need a lot :) I'm not 100% where sells chocolate pasta but we did find some in a hotel chocolate shop, so if you wanted to try this out I would look there :) 

I couldn't eat the whole bowl because it was really filling but it tasted amazing! Who would have thought chocolate pasta would have been so yummy :) but they are my two favourite things so it was a winner from the start!! 

Is there anything strange you have made for a pudding? Ever tried chocolate pasta?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Great and The Gorgeous

Hello again my lovelies 

Today Boots had 70% off their Christmas lines, so as I was passing by I thought it would be rude not to check it out :) 

I had my eye on this Ted Baker set before Christmas but I couldn't bring myself to spend £40 on it so when I saw it for £12 how could I resist!! This pack just looked so good and I loved everything inside it :) the packaging was so cute and I can't wait to test it all out :)

Shimmer Eye Cream, False Eyelashes and Glue, Eye Glitter and Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Bronzing Compact, Illuminating Liquid in Pearly Pink and Golden Glow

Lipstick Crayons in two colours

Nail Varnishes in two colours

Set of 4 Cosmetic Brushes 

This all the pieces look great, really pleased I invested in it :) 

Which piece do you like the look at? Did you get anything in the 70% off sale?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Jasmine and Henna Hair Treatment

Hello again my lovely's 

I am rubbish with hair care, I never know what I should be using or how to properly look after it. I have only really dyed it once but it was blond! This has dried the ends of my hair massively, even though I have dyed it back to brunette! even conditioner or hair mask I have used has never left my hair soft and shiny :/ 

The other day I was in Lush and my mum asked me to buy her a hair mask, I ask the lady in lush and she recommended this hair treatment which tames frizz and helps it from drying out! The hair it recommended for this was the perfect description of mine so I thought I would get this me us to try!

The smell of this is just amazing, its so powerful and strong of Jasmine that I just knew I wanted my hair to smell of this. I applied it to dry hair before I went into the shower, concentrating on my dry ends and leaving my roots as they didn't really did it. I left it on a bit longer then it recommends just because I really wanted it to soak into my hair! 

When I washed it out I washed with shampoo twice to make sure it was all our and conditioned like normal :) once I had dried and straighten my hair I could see a dramatic difference already. My hair has never been this shiny or smooth!! Every time I move my hair I get great whiffs of jasmine that I actually sent most of the day just smelling my hair (strange I know). 

I am so pleased I have found this treatment, it seems to have worked wonders on my hair, it seems quite expensive at £13 but I don't really know how much you pay for these normally and I am really pleased with the results :)

Any hair care recommendation I should look into to add to my small collection?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

What gets me through Revision and Exams

Hello again my sweets, 

So Christmas and New Year is officially over and exams and revision have set in!

I don't deal well with exams, I over think, stress and end up forgetting everything the minute I walk into the exam hall! I thought I would share some of things that help me through it

A balanced diet is very important, this is why I make sure I have some kind of fruit, normally an orange and then make sure a big bar of chocolate is close by in times of need when you need a break and a good piece of chocolate :) recently I have started drinking tea, I have to say its the perfect drink when the weather is rubbish and you need something to warm you up :)

My mum brought me this last week because I went into stressing mode and needed something to keep me going to my last exam! She found this at Neal Yard which is meant to help you study, you roll it over pulse points and breath in the scent. It is a blend of invigorating essential oils that can be applied easily as a quick pick-me-up in times of study or intense concentration where a state of mental clarity is needed. I'm not 100% if it works, but I have been using it over the last couple of days and it does smell lovely and picks me up when I need it :)

Something I have been using since my A-levels is Kalms, I also used it when I went to university last year just to relief some of my worries :) they are a natural remedy that relief worries and stresses and promote natural sleep! 

Both products are 100% natural and just there to help me calm my nerves and keep me going!

What gets you through exams and revision? Ever used any of these products?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy Birthday Mummy

Hello again my sweets,

I have been very busy with revision and exams recently (who puts exams straight after Christmas). Yesterday was my first exam and I'm so pleased its over! 

Yesterday was also my Mummy's birthday :) she came up to Newcastle with me for my exam and she just went sale shopping! However, after my exam we met up and I treated her to lunch! I had heard great things about this cafe need my house in Newcastle, its called The Butterfly Cabinet in Heaton. I hadn't been before and I was just going off recommendations, when we were walked towards the cafe I have to admit I was worried. Everywhere looked really quiet and not my mums type of place!

When we walked in we were very pleasantly surprised. 

The inside was so lovely with old pieces of furniture which didn't match, art work from local people and vintage boards. It had such a lovely vibe and the staff were so welcoming :) 

The food and drinks were just another thing though!! I had a toffee banana milkshake which was to die for and mum had a proper green tea :)

We both got burgers, mine was just their classic with bacon and mum added brie to hers! The portions were very generous! I think this might be the first thing that has ever defeated me!! It was the nicest burgers I have had which good old proper chips :) the prices of everything were so responsible for when you got and the quality of everything!   

Mum loved her little treat and after we rolled back to the car because we were so full we drove back home for birthday celebrations with my Dad and Brother! I was the prefect way to spend the day after my exam and spend time with my mum :) 

I would say if your in the area, The Butterfly Cabinet is worth a view, I know I will be visiting it a lot next term :P

Only one more exam to go and then I will be FREEEEE 
You have no idea how much this makes me happy :D

What did you do for birthday treats?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)
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