Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Instagram Challenge

Hello again my sweets,

I just wanted to let you all know that from the 1st of August I am going to be doing at least one picture a day on my Instagram! This might sounds a little strange because some people already do this but I want to use mine more but also this will be a mini version on the 31 pic challenge that some bloggers do on here which I have been thinking I might try in the future :)

So if you want so see some of my pictures and what I get up to day to day go check me out on Instagram :) lets see if I can keep it up :P

Hope to see you over there :)

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Speak soon, Bye :) 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brushes

Hello again my sweets,

Last week I went into town to buy myself a new power brush because my old HnM one has seen better days! 

I went into boots and had a look around to see when one looked the best/was the best price! There were some really lovely looking vintage ones which looked nice however I hadn't heard of the brand and they were quite pricey! So when I was looking this lovely limited edition set from Real Technique caught my eye :)

I keep my make-up brushes in this really cute flower pot that I bought in the Laura Ashley sale, I have started buying little things like this for my university room and once I have everything and moved in I will be doing a Uni Room update post :) 

Now onto the brush review, as I mentioned I originally wanted a power brush but I have also been looking for a under eye setting brush which I thought the eye brush would be perfect for and the contour was just a lovely extra :) Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo who makes these brushes must put so much effect into very detail because even the packaging was beautiful! The brushes were set in a form base which had 'Real Techniques' all over it in glossy writing and on the back were information about each brush and a link to where you can watch tutorials on how to use them :) I would also like to mention that she has also kept the colour coordinating which appeals to my OCD on colours as the eye brush has purple writing to go with the eye set, face brush is orange to go with the face collection and the contour is red to go with the others :) so that I did love! 

The brushes themselves are lovely, as they are duo-fiber they are really light and soft so they don't pick up masses of product which I like for these types of brushes. It means I can apply a thin layer when I want lower coverage but also build on the power when needed which I think is perfect! I haven't really been contouring a lot as I normally contour in the winter however I did the other day to test the brush and I really like it, its applies product evenly and blends beautifully! 

Over all I love this set and to be honest knew I would because all the brushes I have tried from Real Technique have been amazing :) if you want some really nice power brushes I would recommend them and I'm so glad I bought these and added them to my collection :)

What make-up brushes do you use?  

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Speak soon, Bye :) 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

York Races

Hello again :)

Yesterday I went to York races with my parents :) it was the first time I have even been to the races even though I've been riding horses since I was 8! We had tickets for the County Stand so getting all dolled up was allowed and I loved getting ready even though it did take longer then I expected! We went on the music showcase weekend so the races didn't start till 6! I wore a dress from Next I bought last year and my heels from Topshop :) 

We puy £2 bets on each race because we aren't big betters but didn't want to put nothing on :P we could stand right next to the winners area and also the finish line so our tickets were amazing :) I loved just watching them walk around before the race and picking which one I thought looked the nicest or had the best name :P Our of the 6 races we had 3 winners :D which made our night because it was so fun to just cheer on your horse to the finish line! (did make us want to bet more money though :P)

The race horses are such beautiful animals I really could just watch them all day!! 

As it was the music showcase, after the races the Kaiser Cheifs were playing! They were really good and the crowd was loving it! It was a really nice way to finish off the races and such a lovely night :) 

Have you ever been to the races? 

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Speak soon, Bye :) 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Weekend Make Up Bag

Hello again :)

As I live drive away from most of friends and my boyfriend it means that I normally end up staying over at their houses. I thought I would show you the typical make-up that I take with me (in summer) and some of my staple products :) 

Brushes take a lot of space up in my make-up bag so I try and keep it to the basics and not take anything pointless!These are my main brushes I would say that I use every day! There is my MAC 190 for foundation and 150 for blush :) I love these and they are my only MAC brushes with I have to say makes me a bit sad :P I also have my HnM power brush with I really need to replace because it's not the best for will do for now. My oldest one is from CID and its an angled contour brush which I use for bronzer, this is such a nice brush and has served me well. Smaller ones are concealer from superdug, lip from bodyshop and base shadow from Real Techniques :) 

Smelly stuff and skin care is my smallest section. I know I should properly take more with me but this seems to do me :) my perfume of chose this week was my summer no.1 from CK, as you can see its nearly all gone so will be in my future 'empties' post :) I have just started using this deodorant from Dove which I saw on Kate Snooks blog and I have to say I really like it so far :) skin care is very limited with my testers from No7 which I have to say I'm not to keen on but they are supper small and easy to take with me :) lip care is a big thing for me because I have really dry lips :/ I have used Carmex for a while and love it for its price and yesterday when I was in Boots I bought balmi's new lip balm in mint which is so cute and smells amazing!!   

Now to the good stuff, make-up :) some of this does change depending what I want to use but this was my chose as I wanted to test some new products this week :) my normal foundation is Clinques even better in the shade 02 fair, I do really like this foundation but I can't wait to buy a new one because I love testing foundations out :) concealer on the travel is my collection in 2 light, everyone raves about this and it really is worth the hype! My brighter at the moment is Bobbi Brown in Light Bisque but I believe they have changed the packaging of this now! Face power is MAC mineralise finish in medium which I really like and sets my make-up beautifully. Check products I have been testing out are MUA, bronzer in 2 and blush in Bon Bon and I have to say for £1 each they are really good :) my highlight is No7, its not the best but I like it because it has the different colours so I can pick one from my under brow and inner eye highlights :) in the summer I like minimal eye make-up so I only take my favourite liquid eye liner from collection, falsie's mascara, scandaleyes in 005 nude, 17 eyes in ivory coast which really has nothing in it anymore and MAC brow pencil in Brunette :) last if my lip colours, these are what change the most depending on my mood and what I'm wearing :P today's selection was Sleek in Mauve Over, MUA in 3 and Estee Lauder in Candy which I really love :)

Sorry is a waffled on a bit but wanted to include everything :P 

What's your staple make-up you take with you?

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Speak soon, Bye :) 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Aldborough and Boroughbridge Show

Hello again :)

Yesterday I went to our village show and took the camera along with me so I thought I would show you some of the pictures and what happens at these type of shows :) I have always been an animal person and love living in the country so I can go to these shows!  

There are also stalls and activities for children like bouncy castles and games! At the show there really is something for everyone :)

 Dog agility, used to do this with my dog and she loved it! Great fun for dog and owner :)
In the dog classes, came across this treat!
Think this is the most beautiful dog, she had different coloured eyes and liver spots, had to get a picture :)
 He caught me taking a picture 

 There was a gun dog demonstration in the main ring, had the sweetest puppies
 Before and after of the sheep shearing :P
 Some of the kids showing there lambs

 Check out them horns!!

 Shetland pony in the ring, so small and adorable

 He had his eye on me
 These are my favourite cars :) I've gone to so many car shows in these :)
 My future wedding car ;P

 Best class at the show - fancy dress horses - they are so good and Africa was my favourite
 The three little pigs
Great British bake off 

Sorry for so many pictures, I just love this show and wanted to share! Local shows need all the support they can get, so if you live near one go check it out!

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Speak soon, Bye :) 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

13 Personal Questions Tag

Hello again :)

I was tagged in a post this week by Kelly from The Patch Diaries  to do the 13 questions tag :) I have never been tagged before so I have to admit I was quite excited :D Kelly has a lovely blog which I love to read, so go check her out and remember to follow :)

My first every post was 21 questions about me which was a bit different so if you enjoy posts like this go check that out here!

1) What do you order from Starbucks?
Depends on the weather but I have to admit I don't like coffee so don't expect lattes or anything, I have tried to like coffee because I used to work in a coffee shop but still cant stand the taste! In summer I love iced hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint or a strawberry and cream frappuccino. However in winter it has to be hot chocolate!  

2) What's one thing in your closet you can't live without?
I love my Levis jeans, I have had them for years! I really think they are worth it as you will get your cost for wear out of them! At the moment because it is lovely and warm in England I couldn't live without my maxi skirts! They cover my legs which I ahte and are really cool and airy :)

3) What's one thing people don't know about you?
Ermm...I'm not to sure. I guess you lot wont know a lot about me because I'm new to the blogger world. However, some people who are my closest friends might not have known that when I was in high school, I was one of them kids who went through all the phases! In year 7 I was a 'chav' with the track suit! After that I went through quite an 'emo and scene kid' phase in year 9 and then in the last few years of high school I think I was a bit of a Tom boy but more recently I think I've become quite Girly which I think is my favourite!

4) what's one thing you want to do before you die?
There's a lot really! I think that I get too comfortable and don't want to get out my comfort zone but I think I'm getting a bit better with it so hopefully ill be able to do more scary stuff in the future! As a geography student I really want to go all over the world too and visit loads of different cities and cultures, my mission is to visit all 7 continents! 

5) what's one food you can't live without?
Chocolate! I absolutely love chocolate, even when I'm on my diet I find it too hard to resist! 

6) what's one quote you live by?
I don't really have one quote that I live by, I guess 'grab life by the horns' is good because it encourages me to do more adventurous things and go with the flow which I've been trying to do lately but I don't think I have one quote imparticular because I think there's so many that are good to live by!

7) What do you like and dislike about the blogging community?
Like: I like that you can meet new people and that they are all over the world :) I love going on my view count and seeing where in the world people have read my blog! Our generation is so lucky to be able to communicate with people everywhere so easily and make friends over the internet :)
Dislikes: People who think that they can just have thousands of followers straight away and just think about numbers and not just enjoying blogging! Also people who comment 'check my blog' without crediting the person who they have comment on. People will find you if you have good content and apart of the blogger community by posting nice supportive comments! 

8) What's your number 1 song on iTunes/iPod?
I'm not a massive music fan, I have a couple of artists and band who I love and follow but when it comes to one off songs I normally just listen to the Radio or someone else's iPod. 

9) What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?
I wouldn't say I really have a style, I'm sure people might think I do but I don't know what it is. Sometimes I wish I did have a style because I like the thought of liking one but I normally just end up throwing sometime on which I think looks nice! Normally it would properly sway to girly though.

10) Favourite number?
6, when ever I make up a number it always has 6 in it and I'm not to sure why because I'm the them down :) 

12) Two pet peeves?
Grammar correctors! People who comment on other peoples posts or make remarks about peoples grammar and spelling. It really annoys me, as a person who really struggles and worries about that type of stuff, it really upsets me when people go on about people getting things wrong because it doesn't come that easy to everyone! If I do something wrong I would perfer you to message me so I can change it and work on it, instead of just embracing me because I know my spelling and grammar is far from perfect!
When someone asks you a question or shouts you from another room! If you want to talk to me come to where I am and ask me instead of just shouting because I just get stressed :P

13) Your guilty pleasure?
Social media, I can't refresh them enough! I have them all on my phone and bookmarked on my laptop :P 

Who I tag...
Jennie from Sailboat
Halima from Fashionicide
Hayfa from Chic Cliche
Also anyone else who would like to do this tag :) 

Everyone who I have mentioned have really lovely blogs so go check them all out :)

I have set up a Twitter account from KatiesWorld so go check that out and remember to follow me on Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram is you've enjoyed :) 

Speak soon, Bye :) 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fast Food Birthday Cake

Hello again

So on Tuesday it was my boyfriend’s birthday, he isn’t the biggest fan of cake or stuff like that so instead of baking him a cake, we decided that we would make a fast food cake for his party! He loves fast food and thought this would be quite fun and a bit different :) we got the inspiration from Epic Meal Time who are massive on YouTube and do things like this just a bit better :P 

We have been planning this for a long time and deciding what we needed in it and what would make the best fillers! It was quite pricey to make but when you think it fed 15 hungry teenagers, so not too bad. Matty’s favourite fast food is chicken so we included a lot of chicken based products and pizzas :)

To start off with we went to Morrisons and bought 2 of their 14in pizzas, one was pepperoni and the other was spicy chicken, these would work as the base and middle to keep its shape and so we could stack it higher :) we also bought mozzarella, bacon and nachos! Before we bought the other stuff we cooked the pizzas and bacon (bacon was put into sheets) so they only had to be heated and so we knew they were properly cooked!  

 After they were cooked we then went on our mission to buy the fast food. Around where we live we are quite limited to the fast food so we only went to KFC and McDonalds! We got popcorn chicken and chicken strips from KFC, then drove round and bought 2 large fries, 5 piece chicken select, 5 cheeseburgers and 20 chicken nuggets! It all smelt so good and really made me super hungry! 

Then was the building stage! I have done a vlog on this which will be up in a couple of days if you want to see it being made :) Chicken pizza was first which we placed on a tray and tinfoil. Then there was a layer of bacon, the burgers, popcorn chicken, fries and cheese. Then more bacon, pepperoni pizza, bacon, chicken nuggets, selects, strips and fries with nachos and cheese to finish it off! It looked amazing and turned out a lot better than we had planed :)

This was all done before people arrived and we just put it in the oven. When everyone had arrived we just turned the oven on and let it warm through :) when it came out the oven it did look incredible and much better than planned which is always good!

We served up which was quite easy and just enjoyed the goodness :) some people ate it layer by layer then others tried to eat it as a pie! It tasted just like the individual food would but meant you had a bit of everything on your plate! The whole pie was eaten and everyone enjoyed it :)  

It was so fun to make and was really fun to do for the party :) everyone was talking about it and think it definably made the evening one to remember! I wouldn’t do it all the time because it’s nice as a one off but I will be making it again in the future for sure!!! 

  Have you done anything different like this before?

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and speak to you soon
Bye :)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Walk along the River

Hello again,

At the weekend me and the parents went for a walk down the river, the main aim was to get some pictures for my GlossyBox review but as it was such a lovely day I thought I would take some pictures as we walked along :)

Most of the pictures are river based or animal based :P just thought it was a lovely area to have a mini photo shoot. 

At the end of the walk we had Dip Dab lollies to cool ourselves down :)

This was just a photo based post, hope you liked it!

Where is your favourite summer walk?

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and speak soon
Bye :) 
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