Monday, 1 July 2013

Sugar Crush - Soap and Glory

Hello again :)

So I am in love! I just had to tell you about this and I know quite a lot of people have already tried this but I just love it so much I had to tell you.

This is the sugar crush range from Soap and Glory, they have the body scrub, body wash and the body butter which all smell of the same amazing sweet lime smell. I bought the body wash because it was in Tanya Burr’s May favourites, before trying this I had only bought a couple of Soap and Glory’s products because I never knew if they were worth the money but because of the recommendation I wanted to give it ago and from the first time I spelt it I was hooked!  It smells like a really sweet citrus scent, so if you don’t have a sweet tooth or sweet smells aren't your thing, I would stay away from this. However if it is your thing go now, go and smell it now! I promise you will love it.

I have never bought a hold body range before of the same company or smell but I had to go back and buy the rest because this is what I want to smell of forever! If I could I would eat myself it smells that good :)

I have always admired the Soap and Glory packaging, with the bright colours and large text so it stands out. If I could everything in my bathroom would be from Soap and Glory because I just love how it all looks :)

On the containers it clearly says what each product contains and how to get the best result from them. Also on the warning and advertising they use humour which I find quite refreshing from a company and puts a little smile on my face :) on the body scrub it refers to the use are Scrubbers as it warns you about irritated areas. They also promote water saving techniques and encourage the user to do the 2 minute rinse which I also loved about Soap and Glory and the company has good awareness and environmental concern.

The body scrub is deep cleaning and skin stimulating as it contains large beads and sugar monocles which are perfect to get rid of dead skin however I only use this about once a week and find that’s enough for my skin - £8.00

The body wash is really foamy and feels lovely on the skin. As it has a fresh smell it makes you fell extra clean and perfect for waking you up in the morning - £6.50

The body butter is a rich creamy moisturiser which leaves your skin feel moisturiser the whole day : ) it really locks in the smell and is the perfect summer smell! - £10.50

I can't see myself changing my body routine for a long time because I'm so in love with this combination :)

What's your favourite bath products?

Hope you have enjoyed reading and speak soon
Bye :)


  1. Ooo nice! I think this would be right up my alley!!


  2. Oh my goodness I want all three of those items!! I have yet to purchase anything form Soap & Glory, but have been so tempted because of the many reviews on blogs...and because of Tanya Burr's videos haha :)

    The fact that they smell like sweet lime is convincing me already!! They seem like great products. Thank you for the review & recommendation!

    <3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

  3. i love the body cream, it's so moisturising!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'


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