Thursday, 11 July 2013

Primping with the Stars

Hello again,

For my birthday last month my brother bought me the Benefit ‘Primping with the Stars’ kit, I was so excited to test and try the products because I love Benefit’s makeup and think that some of their products are just so individual and great ideas. I had been looking at the kits before my birthday but couldn’t decide which one to get because they all had good products which I didn’t have in them, so receiving this as a gift was perfect because it was chosen for me and to be honest I do think this one looks the best :P

These little book style makeup kits are the perfect way of testing multiply products with buying the full size of them, so you can have a try and decide which of them you would like to repurchase. When it comes to makeup I hardly ever finish things because I have so many different products so sometimes smaller sizes are perfect and they are easier to store and carry around with you :) 

The box that the products come in is so sweet and looks really nice on my desk. They are the perfect size to store nail polishes, jewellery or more makeup after using the products or you can take out the products and put them in your collection and use the box straight away. The products inside as also well designed and the packing it so pretty, from just looking at them you can tell they are from Benefit because they have such a distinct packing style. 

This kit is aimed and promoted at the ‘all-time greatest ‘’fake-its’’ kit’, which means that everything inside is meant to make you look your best and highlight your good features so all in all looks like the perfect kit for everyone because who doesn’t want to look their best :)

 In this pack you get 6 items and a tip and tricks manual which tells you how to use the products and get the most out of them. I found this really useful because with some of them I wasn’t sure how to apply them or where they went because some of them are due products. In the picture below you can see all the items open, I thought this would be useful because sometimes it’s nice to see what the applicators look like for makeup as people have different preferences.

So for the products reviews:

1)      Stay don’t stray – this is a concealer and eyeshadow primer where you apply a couple of dots around the eye and blend into the skin, this will hold your concealer and eyeshadows for longer. I think this is a great idea because it keeps two things in place, instead of using separate products. I have recently been using more primers for my face and eyes and find that my makeup had stayed a lot longer. When using this my eyeshadows have remained in place for the whole day and my concealer is still concealing what it should be :) I love the Urban Decay eye primer and will continue to use that but I think I might also repurchase this as well because for them days where you been concealer to stay I would trust this product.

2)      The Pore-fessional – this is a primer for the face which you apply to a moisturised face. However, this primer also minimize the appearance of pores. This is Benefits second biggest seller which says something about the product. It had a lovely consistency which reminds me a lot of the Smashbox face primer however this one comes out with a brown tint. Even though it comes out coloured it doesn’t have a coverage as it just melts into the skin which I really like. It also makes applying my makeup a lot easier and smoother! When it comes to the pore part I can’t say I have many or very large pores, it did make my face appear smoother and even :) I may lead it to my mum and see if she can tell a difference.

3)      Some kind of gorgeous – this is a shear formula which has a cream to powder texture. The shade you are given is in medium which I was a bit worried about because I would have probably have chosen light as I am very fair but as it’s a very shear product the colour didn’t seem to dark. I would say this is a good product to either wear on holiday when you don’t want a lot of makeup or on days you can’t be bothered with foundation as it’s a very light coverage or under your foundation to just even up your skin if you have some small colour discolouration’s.

4)      Benetint – this might have been one of the products I really wanted to try but also a bit wary of it because I wasn’t 100% sure how to use it. With this you use apply 3 lines to the apple of your checks and blend it in very quickly, I normally do one check at a time. This stains the apples of your checks a really lovely rose colour which also means to stays on longer. You can build it up to give you more colour or just have a stilt stain. You can also use this on your lips and a lip stain. I was really impressed with this and now really want to try out the other 2 colours in the range.

5)      Girl meet pearl – this is an luminizer which gives you a glow. I have used this on my checkbones to highlight them but it also says you can wear in over the whole face under make-up to give a glowing effect or mix with your foundation for a lighter coverage. This also excites me and I really like this, I know Benefit do a couple of highlighters which again has made me want to try them out as well :)

6)      They’re real – this is Benefits number one best selling product. This mascara really is amazing, the brush had a ball on the end so you can catch every little lash to make your eyes stand out even more. I already have long lashes but this just makes them look fuller, blacker and longer! I do love my Maybelline  falsies mascara which is drug store price but if you like your higher end mascaras this is definitely worth a try as I know a few people who swear by it :) 

Over all I really like this pack and love all the products which is quite rare because there is normally one which I don’t get along with.  Benefit do a range of different kits all different sizes, this is the third one I have and can’t wait to try some of the other ones out. In this style of range they also have ‘do the bright thing’, ‘the bronze of champions’ and 'Matthew Williamson - the rich is back' which is limited edition (Matthew Williamson is my favourite designer, in my GCSEs I did a whole project about him :P) each of these packs are £26.50 which does sound price but if you want to try a couple of items out they are perfect :)

So what is your favourite Benefit product?

Hope you have enjoyed reading and speck soon
Bye :)


  1. Amazing! In love with the POREfessional primer and benetint stain. Enjoy your kit! x

    Check me out sometime :)


    1. Yeah both of them seem really nice, love using all these products :) x

  2. I love "They're Real!" mascara. It's fabulous!
    I also love how you went into detail about each product, thanks hon! xo

    I've followed you on Bloglovin xo

    1. Thank you :) try and give some information on them because I know thats what i'm always looking for :) xx

  3. I want this kit I already use the mascara and pore minimiser this would be brilliant for taking away with you

    Carrieanne x

  4. I'm a huge fan of Benefit! I love their make up so much. This post is amazing, thanks it's very informative xxx
    Please check out my blog,

  5. This is an awesome kit!! I am such a Benefit fan.

    New follower!

    -Maddy @

  6. This looks like such a lovely little set, I think Benefit do these so well. Benetint is one of my favourite Benefit products, I love it in the summer time <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Yeah I think their sets are really good! Just love that they have quite different products or just brand them in unusual ways :) <3


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