Sunday, 29 September 2013

Harrogate flower show

Hello again my sweets :)

Before I went back to uni, me and my parents went to the Harrogate Flower Show. Before we went I wasn't to sure what to expect or what was going to be there! However I really enjoyed the day and properly bought me stuff then my parents did :P this post is mainly photos, there was so much going on at the show this is just a selection of things that caught my eye :)

The photo below is a garden made out of recycled materials. It was full of colour and definitely original :) was a really great idea and the ladies at the show said they would come and introduce some of their ideas into your garden :)

It's not just flowers at the show, there is also a craft tent and food court. This lady was drawing her pet spaniel with colored pencil and I just thought it was amazing that she could do that in front of 100's of people!!

I have never seen vegetables as big as the once here! These where just a few but there were marrows as big as me and onions the size of my head. 

There were just a few of things I bought on the day :) I have been looking for a white bird cage for a while and these were everywhere over the show. The one below cost me £10 which I thought was a bargain as the ones I had been online where a lot more pricey. The plant was more of an impulse buy, I have never seen one that flowers like this, though it was a bit different and look great in the garden :)

Even though I was the youngest by a good 40 years :P I had a great day and there was so much to see and gave me more of a passion about gardens and different ideas for decoration :) I would really recommend if you have a local show to go visit and see what its about. The Harrogate show is a massive one so your locals ones might not be as big but its a lovely day out :) 

Ever been to a flower show?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Second Year University Room

Hello again my sweets,

Last week I moved properly into my second year house for university! We signed for this house last November which sounds crazy when I look back as I only had 6 weeks to decide who I wanted to live with!! However for me this has worked out well as I am still really good friends with all the girls and so excited for this year :) our house is so nice and I am really pleased we found it! This is my room pretty much finished, if you read my post about first year accommodation you can see its a massive change from my room last year :P I have the biggest room in the house and we chose them from a hat so it was fair :)

As a geography student I had to have my handy world map :P I have put it on a pin board and placed pins where I have been, hopefully one day this map will be full of them as I hope to travel the world :) the teddies were a Christmas present from my mum which I love as it always reminds me of her when I get home sick! And no student room is complete without a biscuit barrel!

I went for a vintage look for my room and just fell in love with this bedding! The empty table is for the turtle tank which should be here soon and Duncan will be moving in then, very excited to have him this year :) 

My makeup, blogger, working area :) the mirror was already there so my desk had to be placed here which works quite well now :) there was a pin in the wall I use for my keys and everything else is from home :) my calender, card and picture were all made by my boyfriend and I love them all :) as you can see I have my makeup boxes and mirror and on the other side everyday items and a plant pot full of pens :P 

I hate my door closed so keep it open with this cute little dog door stopper :) love that the girls can just wonder in when they want and feels a lot more welcoming :) 

These are my pride and joy! My Dunny Collection :) I have been collecting them for about a year and a half now and I have 13 so far and want to keep going! They are small vinyl toys from a KidRobot and from a range of collections! I am going to do a full post on them in the future because I love them so much so wont explain to much now :P these are lined up on my windowsill and everyone has been asking me about them! 

I am so excited for second year, setting up the house has been stressful trying to sort out bills and all that and we still haven't got them all done but we are slowly getting there! Being an adult is a lot harder and a lot more expensive then I thought :P 

Any questions about uni or sorting out houses I am more then happy to help if I can :P

How do you make your room look homely?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Monday, 23 September 2013

September GlossyBox

Hello again my sweets :)

I know this is a bit late because I have had this box for ages now but I didn't want to leave the September box out so better late then never I guess :P

This month GlossyBox are celebrating London :) I just love the Union Jack this month and think these boxes are just great for keeping and reusing as they are really good quality and super cute!!

My internet is playing up so couldn't include all the photos I wanted but hopefully you get the idea.

This month there was a GB Mag in included as well as the description sheet of all the product that are include :) Its only small but includes some of the GlossyBox favourite items and this Autumns trends.

Toni&Guy Classic Shine Serum: This is the full size bottle and its limited edition. Its a high shine and gloss serum that also controls frizz! You use 1-2 pumps and apply to the ends of the hair :) I don't look after my hair every much so products like this make me think more about my hair care. My mum always has super shiny and lovely hair and I have always been so jealous!! She uses something along the same lines as this, so I'm excited to see if it makes my hair look as nice :) - Full size £7.19  

Rimmel Stay Blushed: I have always been rubbish at applying cream blushes so I was a bit worried I would be the same with this one! Its a blusher but in a tube, a small amount goes a long way so be careful when using! Its really light and meant to last 24 hours. Its a great colour for Autumn so think it will get a lot of use :) - Full size £4.49

Elizabeth Arden Untold: I haven't tried any of these fragrances before! The tiny bottle is really lovely and its a good size for a tester :) it has a lovely floral note to it which I love so this really is perfect for me. Its quite an expensive perfume so its really nice to be able to try it out :) 
- 50ml £48 and 100ml £69

Be a Bombshell Onyx Eye Liner: This is a felt tip liner and in the past I have found that most felt tips transfers on to the top of my lid which is really annoying! Hopefully this one will stay and wont keep transferring! Its really easier to create a thin or thick line with this pen by the way its shaped and says it dries within seconds!! I have to say I think a different product might have been a bit more beneficial as I received an eye liner in a box before! - Full size $14

Eylure Pre Glued Lashes: I have never owned a good pair of lashes before so it was nice to see these in my box! I don't wear them a lot but in the past I have only bought Primark ones which aren't the best :/ these are already glued so means less fuss however I'm not sure how long the glue will stay sticky! As I'm back to uni I am sure these will make an appearance soon. - One pack £5.06

Overall GlossyBox has been good again, I wouldn't say this has been my favourite box as I haven't fallen in love strange away with anything but its still nice to try everyone out :) 

What did you get in your box? And is GlossyBox something you would like to get?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Friday, 20 September 2013

Great North Run

Long time no speak! 

I have just moved back up to uni and the house had no internet! Which I have to say was a lot harder then I thought, I really do love the internet :P this is the reason I have been so quiet on twitter and my blog! However I am back up and running so will have regular posts again :)

Last weekend my Dad and Brother ran the Great North Run for charity :) Dad ran for Cancer Research and Chris ran for the Toma Fund which is a north east charity for teenages which cancer! I was so proud of both of them for running for such great causes :)

We have been to every Great North Run for 8 years now and its such a good day out! If we wait at the end for them to finish its so nice to watch everyone finish the race and the support everyone gives them! However the past 2 years we have seen them at the start and waited at the 1 mile marker. Its so great to clap them and see each and ever runner determined and having a good time :) so many charities are supported that day and it makes you more aware of some you may not even no about!! 

In Dad's running pack there were transfer tattoos which me and him put on our arms to show our support :) great idea at the time, however it still hasn't come off and its been freshers week this week so I have had some very strange looks on nights out :P

The blind running set off before the main crowd, when you see them with there running parters and how pleased they are to hear all the support it really does put a lump in your throat! The men then came through, in the second photo the second runner is Mo Farah, which my Dad loves as he can say he ran against Mo Farah :P and then the mass of people come :) 

Dad and Chris saw us clapping and it was so nice to be there to support them :) its such a good day even when the weather isn't great! I would love to do the run one day, just need to start training and get fit enough :)

Once again I would like to say how proud I am of my Dad and Chris :) my Dad did his PB which he is very happy with! But also well done to everyone who ran it, doesn't matter if you did it in an hour or 4 its a great achievement :)

Do you know anyone who ran the race?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Instagraming August

Hello again my sweets :)

In the month of August I set myself the challenge of taking at least one instagram a day :) I am really glad I did this as its made me use my account more and is another way of documenting what I have been getting up to :) the collage below shows a selection of the photos I took, as you can see its quite a selection! 

August was such a lovely month for me from going to my friends farm and meeting there lovely great danes, going for a walk and finding the tree we had a family photo taken on 14 years ago, some treats that I made at work, day out with my girlfriends, getting my keys to my new second year flat and so much more :)

I will be instagraming more and more, in september it brings going back to uni, freshers week, trying new things and lots of cocktail nights so make sure you do miss out and check out my instagram :) 

Hope you are all having a lovely week, at the moment I am sunning myself in Spain but will be back Sunday so hopefully a range of posts will be coming up on my blog very soon :)

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

Monday, 2 September 2013

Benefits Skincare Testers

Hello again my sweets :)

When it comes to skin care, I don't have a clue what I need or which products are good! Since joining the beauty blogging world I have been reading as many skincare posts as I can to see what products people love and what I need in my morning and night time routine :) 

I have read a lot about the Benefit eye cream and really wanted to try it, however when I went to my local stand I saw they were doing a range of tester size skin care products! This was perfect for me as I could try 6 different things and see what I liked! I also gave me instruction on how to use them and when I needed each product :) this pack cost £12 and I have to admit I haven't seen it since I bought it so not sure if it was a one off or just hard to find!

On the back of the box it tell you what each product does and how to use them, as I would class myself as a beginner I thought this was perfect and meant I could test them out the way they are meant to be used! It also gave me a clear idea of what was important and what I need to add to my small routine I have now.

I loved that they came in a small plastic make-up bag as it means they are prefect to take away on holiday or when I stay over at someone's house! I have all the products I need in the prefect size :) the size of the bottles couldn't be better, great to put in your bag and also big enough to get enough uses out of them I feel like I have properly tested them out :) Benefit as a brand I adore,  I think their packaging is the best and really stands out from all the others! When I saw the full size of the skin care I loved them, they have the cork tops and the vintage look about them! I'm a sucker for things that look good, if it has a pretty bottle I must have it :P and the tester range also look so cute and in my bathroom I love how they look as a collection.

I was really excited about the face and eye cream as I had read so many rave reviews! I have to admit before this I had never owned an eye cream! However after using it I would never go back to not having an eye cream! This combination is great and makes my face feel so soft and look so much more radiant :) the other four products were also great to try out, took me a while to work out what they were all used for and in which order you use them but when I cracked it I really loved the range! I feel that all these products have done wonder to my skin and I would love to purchase them all as full size but I can't put my bank balance through that right now! In the future I would look into buying them one at a time and build them up slowly :)

Overall I was really impressed and would recommend people testing out this small pack :) I think the eye cream would be my first buy and hopefully the rest will follow :P

Have you tried Benefits skin care? Which was your favourite?

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Have a lovely day, Bye :)
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