Friday, 20 September 2013

Great North Run

Long time no speak! 

I have just moved back up to uni and the house had no internet! Which I have to say was a lot harder then I thought, I really do love the internet :P this is the reason I have been so quiet on twitter and my blog! However I am back up and running so will have regular posts again :)

Last weekend my Dad and Brother ran the Great North Run for charity :) Dad ran for Cancer Research and Chris ran for the Toma Fund which is a north east charity for teenages which cancer! I was so proud of both of them for running for such great causes :)

We have been to every Great North Run for 8 years now and its such a good day out! If we wait at the end for them to finish its so nice to watch everyone finish the race and the support everyone gives them! However the past 2 years we have seen them at the start and waited at the 1 mile marker. Its so great to clap them and see each and ever runner determined and having a good time :) so many charities are supported that day and it makes you more aware of some you may not even no about!! 

In Dad's running pack there were transfer tattoos which me and him put on our arms to show our support :) great idea at the time, however it still hasn't come off and its been freshers week this week so I have had some very strange looks on nights out :P

The blind running set off before the main crowd, when you see them with there running parters and how pleased they are to hear all the support it really does put a lump in your throat! The men then came through, in the second photo the second runner is Mo Farah, which my Dad loves as he can say he ran against Mo Farah :P and then the mass of people come :) 

Dad and Chris saw us clapping and it was so nice to be there to support them :) its such a good day even when the weather isn't great! I would love to do the run one day, just need to start training and get fit enough :)

Once again I would like to say how proud I am of my Dad and Chris :) my Dad did his PB which he is very happy with! But also well done to everyone who ran it, doesn't matter if you did it in an hour or 4 its a great achievement :)

Do you know anyone who ran the race?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)


  1. Wow your dad did amazingly! Such an amazing thing to do, and a PB is even more fantastic :D xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Yeah he was so pleased :) use hope I can get fit enough to join them one year :P xx

  2. Oh wow, well done to your Dad and Chris, they both did SO well!!

    Jennie xo |

    1. Yeah I was so proud of them both and doing it for great causes as well :) xx


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