Thursday, 5 September 2013

Instagraming August

Hello again my sweets :)

In the month of August I set myself the challenge of taking at least one instagram a day :) I am really glad I did this as its made me use my account more and is another way of documenting what I have been getting up to :) the collage below shows a selection of the photos I took, as you can see its quite a selection! 

August was such a lovely month for me from going to my friends farm and meeting there lovely great danes, going for a walk and finding the tree we had a family photo taken on 14 years ago, some treats that I made at work, day out with my girlfriends, getting my keys to my new second year flat and so much more :)

I will be instagraming more and more, in september it brings going back to uni, freshers week, trying new things and lots of cocktail nights so make sure you do miss out and check out my instagram :) 

Hope you are all having a lovely week, at the moment I am sunning myself in Spain but will be back Sunday so hopefully a range of posts will be coming up on my blog very soon :)

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)


  1. Hehe I've seen most of these already, but good job documenting it all :)
    Oh and good luck going back to uni Katie!


    1. thank you :) all back at uni now so hopefully my blog will be a bit more loved by me over the next couple of weeks xx

  2. As I love your blog I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Leave your response in this post


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