Saturday, 29 June 2013

London Midweek Break

Hello again :)

This week, I have been down to London for a bit of a mini break with my boyfriend. The main reason we went down to London was to see our favourite comedians, but we made a trip of it and did some other stuff as we were down there :)

We got the Mega Bus down; as we are both students and we don't really have the money to be spending it on trains when the bus is just so much cheaper. As we weren't in a rush we didn't mind it taking a bit longer. We got the bus from Leeds at 9.30 on Tuesday morning and arrived in London at 3pm, this was an hour later than expected because a lorry was on fire which meant we were sat in traffic for an hour :/ but still can’t complain because it only cost us £4 each, each way, which I thought was amazing as the drivers were lovely and the coaches were modern with plenty of room :)

When we arrived in London we Google mapped the hotel and it ended up only being a 30 minute walk, so we decided to walk instead of use the underground. We were staying in Covent Gardens and we were dropped off in Victoria so it meant we walked past Buckingham Palace which was a nice surprise :) the flag was up which I think means the Queen was in :)

Our first night there we treated ourselves to a nice meal in Covent Gardens and went to a little place called 21 and had pizza and we just people watched which was really lovely :)  

On the Wednesday we had a shopping day where we went round Soho, Carnaby Street and Oxford Street. As we were walking through Soho we saw Eddie Izzard filming so watched that for a bit and when just down the road I spotted Gok Wan driving his Porsche :) I think he was checking my outfit out so that made me happy :P

In these areas there are some of mine and my boyfriend’s favourite shops like Supreme, Cheap Monday, Johnny Cupcakes and some comic shops but also make-up for me :P I was really excited to buy something from Johnny Cupcakes because I just love the brand and the shop looks like a real bakery even though it actually sells clothes :) I bought a top with the logo on and my boyfriend got one as well :) they come in these really nice boxes which really look like they could  have some delicious cupcakes in. Can't wait to get more of their stuff!

The main reason though was to see Jake and Amir, they are so funny and upload videos every Tuesday to the college humour website When we found out they were going to be in London this summer we bought tickets straight away! The show was at the Soho theatre, and the room was prefect as you were really close to them and felt like a proper comedy show :) they were also joined by Streeter who also works for college humour. Overall the humorous triplet were just so good and I laughed through the whole thing, they also encouraged audience participation which I thought was good. 

Afterwards they did a meet and great, which I was stupidly excited for, I nearly fan girled in front of them. We did have to wait a while but it was completely worth it! We got them to sign a front cover of the comic my boyfriend is drawing for them which was really amazing :) I really hope they come back to the UK soon.

Our last day was mainly spent just sight-seeing, but we also managed to go to the Tate Modern. We walked everywhere when we were in London so by Thursday my feet really did hurt, but it was worth it to see all the things we did. We left the hotel at around 11 and walked to the Tate (might I add we had the suitcase with us all day, which my boyfriend had to drag round)

The bus home was at 6pm and we got into Leeds at 10.30pm. I'm so pleased we went down to London, it was an amazing couple of days and I think we really did make the most our time there. I love visiting London now and again because it's such a lovely city :)

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak soon 
Bye :)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Duncan the Terrapin

Hello again,

Today I am going to do a post on my pet Terrapin. I thought I would write about him because I do love him loads but also lots of people have started posting pictures and tweeting that they want one and I just wanted to give more information out there about them because they are lovely pets but a lot more hard work then you would expect.  

Duncan is mine and my boyfriends terrapin and we have had him for about a year and a half now. He is a yellow belly slider terrapin, when we were researching into them we thought that they were just the cutest and had the nicest markings :) 

When we bought him he was tiny, the size of a 50p. He was so small and fragile we were scared we were going to hurt him. We had the tank all set up and ready to go for him before we brought him home. The tank was massive for him then as he darted around it. It was a big learning curve for us as the basking area we first had wasn't right and the first filter wasn't strong enough for him when he grew and little things like that. 

As you can see in the picture below, that is his current tank. We have a larger filter for him, a heater, a basking area, basking light and some decoration which as you can also see he has already knocked over before the picture was taken. We did have large pebbles in the bottom to start but we found they collected dirt and were hard to keep clean, so we took them out.

His tank is simple but that's how we wanted it as there is more room for him and he seems to enjoy it :) 

I would also like to point out that even though they are only £15 to buy, you have everything to also get. To properly set yourself up with all the correct stuff I would say it would cost around £200, and then you need to keep buying the food, water cleaner and everything when they run out. They also need cleaning a lot, they do make a lot of mess and the filter and water needs cleaning. We normally do small water changes when it needs it but also full cleans about once even month and a half. These take about an hour, if not longer so be prepared to clean! We are looking at buying a bigger tank at the moment because next year I am having him at university with me so we thought it was the perfect time to get a new tank :)

I love this little guy so much and I am so pleased that we got him. He will grow a bit more but I would say he is nearly full size :)  

Do you have any strange pets? Or if you have any questions about the up keep and looking after terrapins I'm happy to answer them :)

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak to you soon
Bye :)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Village Festival

Hello again,

Last night there was a small village festival on, my mum's work ReedBoardall sponsored it so we got some ticket. Even though it was raining we put on out rain coats and boots and walked over for the field to enjoy the fun. We had a covered area where the business had put food and drink on which was lovely and we could have a good old dance without getting wet. 

It was only a small event with around 300 people ranging from families with small children, up to group of adults having a good time. The first band came on and played for about an hour, all the kids were up dancing, at the point the rain was holding off. At about 9.30 the main act came on which was an ABBA tribute band. They were so good and played all the classic songs, I love ABBA so much, I've been Mammi Mai in London 2 times and have the sing along DVD :)

The rain did start at around 10 so we took cover again, everyone was up dancing and singing along to all the songs. Was a really nice night and lovely to have some silly time with my mum :)

After ABBA had finished there was a fire work display which went on forever, was a really good show and went to some music (even if it was a little out :P)

I had the best night, even with the rain. The music, dancing and fireworks were just so good, I can't wait for next years already :)

Do areas around you have small festivals? If not have you even been to a bigger one?

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak soon
Bye :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Hello again,

Today's post is going to be a bit different. I'm going to talk about dyslexia and I apologise in advance that it will be all words and no pictures which is a bit strange for me because I like my pictures in my blog's. I know many people have dyslexia around the world but I wanted to talk about my experience and just to make more of awareness about it.

When I was in primary school one of my teachers told my parents that she thought I suffered from dyslexia and to make sure that my secondary school were aware of this. So from a young age I have been known that I have had this so have adapted my learning skills from then on really. 

When I went to secondary school I had tests every year on my reading, grammar, spelling and coloured over lays as white paper normally hurts my eyes so I prefer to read and write on coloured paper. However, I never got a proper psychologist report which is what you need to prove what type of dyslexia you have and what support should be in place. This is a thing I regret because I could have been given support through my high school life. People at my school didn't really know I had dyslexia because I was in top sets and worked around things I found hard, to make me improve in areas. So when I went for tests I was always embarrassed as people would always ask why I was there and if I really did have dyslexia. 

I moved sixth forms as I wanted a new experience which in hindsight I am so pleased I did push myself to do as I met so many amazing friends :) however, I didn't inform my new school that I was dyslexic so my help and tests stopped for 2 years, which again I regret because the support team at that school was known to be great so would have helped me in the ways that I needed.

When I went to university I was advised to make sure I told them and to get the help because it was just silly that I was struggling with stuff and the help was there I just had to ask. I have to say my university have been so good over the last year putting things in place and helping me get the support that I need. Student finance paid for my test as they are around £300 each, so that was a big relief that the payment was sorted. This report then determined that I was dyslexic and I have a severe form of it which affects my processing time which means it takes a long time for me to process information. It also affects my spelling, grammar and reading skills. This allowed the university to provide help where needed which I have already found the benefit of. In all to have the tests, help provide and receive technology support has taken 6 months.

I am so pleased that I got the help I need and told people that I had dyslexia so I don't have to struggle any more and just stay away from things that I worry about. I wanted to do this post because I just want people to know that just people you or someone else has dyslexia doesn't mean they are stupid but it didn't affect my studies. Don't use it as an excuse but there is help out there you just have to ask for it. Don't be like me and hide the fact, embrace it :)   

So I guess this will explain if my spelling, grammar and vocabulary isn't great, just bare with me :P

Sorry for so much to read but wanted to put it out there as it's an important topic to me. This was hard for me to put out there because I don't really like telling people I have dyslexia but I just wanted you to be aware.

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak soon 
Bye :)  

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

First Ever GlossyBox

Hello again :)

So for my birthday my parents bought me the 6 month Glossy Box subscription, I'm was so excited to open the first box and see what I had received. I couldn't think of a much better present because now till Christmas I have a little present very month with I just love and think is the best gift :) 

As this was my first box I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have to say I was very surprised with how nice all the packaging was. The box you see above comes in a bigger box with your address on it and that in itself is lovely, never mind to find this goody inside :)  

  So in my box I received 5 different items and at a first glance at them all I was so excited to find more out and try them :)

Organic Surge - Daily Moisturiser: I was very excited about this because I love moisturisers, and this is a super-intensive daily one for dry skin. I have to say my skin is more combination to normal so I have been using this as a night cream as I don't have one. So far I really like it and I have used it very night. It absorbs really fast so definitely could be used as a day cream and it's so thick and creamy it's lovely to apply. An added bonus is it's organic which is always nice to know as your applying it to your skin. Full size £8.99

Figs and Rouge - Cherry Blossom Lip Balm: I love lip products at the moment so this was warmly welcomed. Mine is the Cherry Blossom, but you could also get the Coco-rose which sounds just as lovely :) I find I have dry and chapped lips so lip balms always come in handy. This smells lovely and the texture is thick and easy to apply. It stays on your lips to leave a shine but you can also feel it absorbing in. This product is also 100% natural and they say you can use it as a moisturisers for elbows and knees, so its multi-functional. Full size £5

Nails Inc - St James nail polish: I have to admit I don't own any Nail Inc polishes, so I really I'm trying everything new which I do adore :) the St James colour is a true post box red. To achieve the real colour you have to apply two coats. It's a really nice red and perfect for the summer. I think it would look better on more tanned skin them my pasty white skin but I still like it. Full size £11
Paul Mitchell Curl- Hair treatments: I haven't tried these yet because I'm going to save them for a day I'll wear my hair natural. I natural have really curly hair, it's normally very frizzy and dry which I hate. They one think I'm trying to look after now is my hair. I can't wait to try the leave in treatment to see if I can see a different in dryness and also the ultimate wave to see if it does tame my hair and make my curls nicer. Full size of Leave in £14.95 and Ultimate Wave £11.95

Helen E Cosmetics - Lip Liner: I don't have many lip liners because I normally just apply my lipstick straight on even though I know it looks better is lip liner is put on first. This is the one product I might have to warm to, the colour is nice so I'm going to test it out and see how it goes. This lip liner is waterproof which would be perfect for holidays as it claims to last longer and stop lip stick from smudging. Full size £8

So overall I'm very pleased and can't wait for next months already and to keep trying them and see if I will buy any of them again :)

Do you have a subscription box? Which product would you be most excitable for?

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak soon 
Bye :) 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fathers Day Meal

Hello again,

So today is fathers days, we went to visit my brother in Leeds and had a bit of a shop round because Leeds has such nice shops from high street to high end which I love :) 

However, my main reason for the post is where we went for dinner. I wasn't going to blog about it, but it was just to amazing not to. I have to say sorry first though because the photos are from my phone so they aren't the best quality.

The restaurant we went to was called Fazenda in Leeds and its rated my trip advisor as one of the top 10 places to eat in Leeds. 

For drink I ordered my favourite cider of all time which is the Rekorderlig strawberry and lime cider. My drink of chose is always flavoured cider and this one is just perfect for summer, I thought it was really cute that it came with a strawberry and lime as well :) 

There isn't a menu here, just a salad bar with so many different types and sauces. All the salads were fresh and very tasty I have to say, there was a large range which catered for everyones needs.

The selling point though was the meat. I am a massive meat lover so the idea of having 7 different types of meat was ideal. For the lunch menu there was 7 meats and for the tea time menu there was 14. The chefs came round each table with different meat and cut you slices, you could have as much as you wanted and which part of the joint you preferred as well. In the picture below is the rump beef, but my favourite was the lamb :) all the meat was cooked to the highest standard and I liked that you could try it all even if that type of meat might not have been one you would have picked. 

One of the really cleaver ideas is these little cards. Each person at the table has one of these and one side is green, the other is red. These are indicators to whether you want more meat or not, if you want the chef to stop at your table you have it on green, however if you need a break or happy with what you have turn it to red and you can enjoy your meal until you want some more :) 

I would highly recommend Fazenda, it is quite expensive so I would say its perfect for special occasions and if you are like me and love meat this is the place for you :)

Which is your favourite place to eat?

Hope you have enjoyed reading and speak to you soon
Bye :) 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

My 19th Birthday

Hello again :)

So on Thursday it was my 19th birthday, I was so glad to have my birthday at home so I could spend the day with family, which is my favourite thing to do. On my first we went to Newcastle for day and had a shop round the Metrocentre which I love doing because I've been there so many times and just love being back in Newcastle :) 

I have a small family so these are my cards I received from family members, all so cute and with the loveliest messages inside. 

These were my presents, which I have to say I'm in love with all of them :) I got a 6 month subscription to Glossy Box (this will be my next blog), testers on the Benefit skin care from my boyfriend, which I'm very excited to test, Vlogging book for dummies as I've just started my YouTube channel, DVD called 'Second hand lions' which is one of my favourite films and Muji boxes for my make-up. I can't wait to use them all, I feel like a very lucky girl :) 

I thought I should take a better picture of the Muji boxes because they are just so lovely :) when my mum ordered them the stacks of the wide storage had sold out, so instead she bought me 5 individual ones, which I prefer because I can stack them in different ways and can buy more if needed. I don't have a very big make-up selection so 5 draws was enough for me at the moment but I'm sure i'll be adding to the collection soon :) 

I also got a Zara bag from their basic collection however, this is from their winter range because my mum had bought it for me for Christmas but had forgot to wrap it up so instead gave it as a birthday present. I have to say I love this bag, I have used it very day and it's just the perfect size to fit everything in and can be used for many things, so I'm very glad her found it :)

For my birthday I picked what we were having for tea, and this was a easy decision. My favourite meal of all time (except maybe Sunday dinner) is chicken soaked in lemon which pita's and salad. It's such a lovely summer meal and I just love it!! 

After tea we had the traditional Scott birthday cake that my mum makes. It's just a dairy milk cake with cream, but omg this cake is the best thing known to man. And I just love birthdays because I know this will be made. Mine had strawberries because they are in season and on my brothers and dad's cake they have orange :)

I had the most amazing day and I'm so thankful for my family for making my birthday so special :) 

What has been your favourite birthday gift?

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak to you soon 
Bye :)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Centre Parcs

Hello :)

At the weekend me and my family went on a little trip away to centre parcs, for people who don't live in the UK or just don't know what centre parcs it, it's like a village in the forest where people go for long weekends or weeks for a short break. They are full of activities like horse riding, tennis, football, paint balling and swimming, when you are they you can plan which activities you want to take part in, some do have an additional price. I love this place and I have been so many times since I was little. We have always gone to the Windfell one as thats the one which is best for all my family, however there are a few dotted around the country.

Me, my parents and my boyfriend when on the friday morning and just had a wonder round and lunch when we got there, which I have to say was amazing, we had savoury and sweet pancakes. After we then went to the pool and had a swim, it was like being a kid again as I got way to excited about all the slides :) My brother and his girlfriend came later that night and we had a full house :)

On the saturday I did archery in the morning, which was such good fun and I would really love to do it again. I have done some shooting before on my grandparents farm and I love hitting targets and stuff. After that we had a game of tennis (which I found out I really do suck at) which was really good fun and had a good laugh. We had a BBQ for lunch which was really nice as the sun was out and we could sit outside and enjoy the weather :) Later that afternoon we had booked to have the twilight spa which was 4-9. This was just amazing, you become relaxed the minute you stepped in, 5 hours sounds a lot but there were so many steam rooms to try, pools, beauty talks and relaxation rooms you could easily fill your time in.

Sunday morning we had another game of tennis (I improved a little bit) then wondered around the park, played some pool, went to the pool and played cards with the whole family. That night we went out for dinner and I had a massive steak but thats my favourtie thing :) my brother and his girlfriend left that night but we left in the morning and had a starbucks breakfast :)

As you can tell it was an action packed weekend and was lovely to spend time with everyone :) we are hopefully going back sometime next year which I can't wait for :) 

 mine was the second one in
 me thinking I can play
 my birthdays next week but this was a surprise with the whole family

Have you every been to something like centre parcs?

Hope you've enjoyed reading and Ill speak to you soon
Bye :)  

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Colours of the Rainbow tag

Hello again :)

Today I am going to be doing a colours of the rainbow tag. This has been a very popular video on YouTube and I though I would do a blog about it. All the tag is, you have to pick an object from your beauty collection for each colour. Pink and multi colour have been added as an extra onto the end :) 

Red: My red item was my red lipstick from M.A.C, this is my go to red lipstick and it just a lovely bold statement. I find that you can wear this all year round which is also an added bonus. This colour is Viva Glam and its one of their matte lipsticks, I do think it dries out the lips a bit but if you place a balm on first it's not so bad :) the colour also stays on for so long :)

Orange: I couldn't find an orange beauty item that I really loved, so instead I went for my bright orange maxi skirt from Next. I love this skirt so much, it's so bright and perfect from summer. It also cheers me up when I wear it :)

Yellow: This item wasn't very yellow but the contain was close enough I thought :P it was my Tony and Guy hair moose. I have naturally really curly hair and I just find when I apply moose to it , it just calms them down and makes them look so much nicer. It also adds a natural shine to the hair, which is always an added bonus :)

Green: I have just started to become very self-conscious about some redness on my face, I found that it didn't matter how much product I applied the bottom of my checks would always remain red. So I bought some of Clinique's redness solution and I think its just amazing. As it's a green moisturiser it corrects the redness, it also says that its a make-up primer. The cream has a SPF 15 which I think is important to make sure I always have some kind of SPF on my face and especially in the summer.   

Blue: This was my CK summer perfume, I have had this for so long that the bottle has now seen better days. The smell just reminds me so much of summer that I just love it for this time of year :)

Indigo: I wasn't to sure on the differences between these two so for indigo I chose my Maybelline falsies mascara. I naturally have long lashes but this is just amazing. It makes them think, long and so black. I have used so many mascaras and I just think this one is one of the best and saying that it only like £7 you can't really go wrong.

Violet: I kind of cheated on this one, I picked my Naked Urban Decay palette. The contain it came in was a violet colour :P but also the eye primer potion is in a violet bottle. The eye primer is just fantastic, it really does keep your eye shadow on and stops it from creasing, which I used to find a big problem. The palette it's self its perfect from every occasion. You have create a day, night, posh, evening eye which these colours and they are all so wearable.  

Pink: I was going to pick a lipstick but I just have too many pink lipsticks that I lovely I couldn't choose. So instead I went for my Lush lip scrub in bubblegum. I have already done a review on that on here so you can go check that out :)

Multi-colour: I was cheeky on this category, I am such a nail polish girl and I love my summer bright colours, so I picked my summer nail polish collection. I love having bright and colourful nails in spring and summer I just couldn't miss these out. They main consist of Barry M because I love their polishes :)

So that's it for this post, a little more to read then normal :) 

I hope you've enjoyed reading and speak to you soon 
Bye :)

Monday, 3 June 2013

Goodbye Polly

Hello :)

Today's post is going to be about my car, I know this might not interest some of you but I wanted to just do a small blog on her because this car did mean a lot to me, which sounds silly but if you know me you would understand :P

I car was called Polly because she was a Fiat Punto and there was a toy parrot inside :P this car was mine and my brothers first car and my family owned her for 8 years and this is why we formed such an attachment to the car. Saying that the car was 12 years old of course she had bumps and scraps but that just added to the character. 

Unfortunately, as she got older more things started to go wrong and it was costing us to much to keep and fix her as she wasn't much anyway. I drove Polly for 2 years and she was the car that made me love driving. I'm such a car person but this little car couldn't have been better for my first car. 

So last Friday we did part ex-change her for a new car for myself and I have to say even though I was very excited for my new car, it was sad to see her go.

Have you ever had a car that you have grown an attachment to? 

Hope you enjoying reading and speak to you soon 
Bye :)
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