Sunday, 23 June 2013

Village Festival

Hello again,

Last night there was a small village festival on, my mum's work ReedBoardall sponsored it so we got some ticket. Even though it was raining we put on out rain coats and boots and walked over for the field to enjoy the fun. We had a covered area where the business had put food and drink on which was lovely and we could have a good old dance without getting wet. 

It was only a small event with around 300 people ranging from families with small children, up to group of adults having a good time. The first band came on and played for about an hour, all the kids were up dancing, at the point the rain was holding off. At about 9.30 the main act came on which was an ABBA tribute band. They were so good and played all the classic songs, I love ABBA so much, I've been Mammi Mai in London 2 times and have the sing along DVD :)

The rain did start at around 10 so we took cover again, everyone was up dancing and singing along to all the songs. Was a really nice night and lovely to have some silly time with my mum :)

After ABBA had finished there was a fire work display which went on forever, was a really good show and went to some music (even if it was a little out :P)

I had the best night, even with the rain. The music, dancing and fireworks were just so good, I can't wait for next years already :)

Do areas around you have small festivals? If not have you even been to a bigger one?

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak soon
Bye :)


  1. This looks so much fun! Nice post hun


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  3. Lovely post & pictures! :)

    Kelly x

  4. Thanks for following, following you back, both on GFC and Bloglovin :)
    xx Monica

  5. this looks to fun! love the photos :)

    leyla xx


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