Thursday, 6 June 2013

Colours of the Rainbow tag

Hello again :)

Today I am going to be doing a colours of the rainbow tag. This has been a very popular video on YouTube and I though I would do a blog about it. All the tag is, you have to pick an object from your beauty collection for each colour. Pink and multi colour have been added as an extra onto the end :) 

Red: My red item was my red lipstick from M.A.C, this is my go to red lipstick and it just a lovely bold statement. I find that you can wear this all year round which is also an added bonus. This colour is Viva Glam and its one of their matte lipsticks, I do think it dries out the lips a bit but if you place a balm on first it's not so bad :) the colour also stays on for so long :)

Orange: I couldn't find an orange beauty item that I really loved, so instead I went for my bright orange maxi skirt from Next. I love this skirt so much, it's so bright and perfect from summer. It also cheers me up when I wear it :)

Yellow: This item wasn't very yellow but the contain was close enough I thought :P it was my Tony and Guy hair moose. I have naturally really curly hair and I just find when I apply moose to it , it just calms them down and makes them look so much nicer. It also adds a natural shine to the hair, which is always an added bonus :)

Green: I have just started to become very self-conscious about some redness on my face, I found that it didn't matter how much product I applied the bottom of my checks would always remain red. So I bought some of Clinique's redness solution and I think its just amazing. As it's a green moisturiser it corrects the redness, it also says that its a make-up primer. The cream has a SPF 15 which I think is important to make sure I always have some kind of SPF on my face and especially in the summer.   

Blue: This was my CK summer perfume, I have had this for so long that the bottle has now seen better days. The smell just reminds me so much of summer that I just love it for this time of year :)

Indigo: I wasn't to sure on the differences between these two so for indigo I chose my Maybelline falsies mascara. I naturally have long lashes but this is just amazing. It makes them think, long and so black. I have used so many mascaras and I just think this one is one of the best and saying that it only like £7 you can't really go wrong.

Violet: I kind of cheated on this one, I picked my Naked Urban Decay palette. The contain it came in was a violet colour :P but also the eye primer potion is in a violet bottle. The eye primer is just fantastic, it really does keep your eye shadow on and stops it from creasing, which I used to find a big problem. The palette it's self its perfect from every occasion. You have create a day, night, posh, evening eye which these colours and they are all so wearable.  

Pink: I was going to pick a lipstick but I just have too many pink lipsticks that I lovely I couldn't choose. So instead I went for my Lush lip scrub in bubblegum. I have already done a review on that on here so you can go check that out :)

Multi-colour: I was cheeky on this category, I am such a nail polish girl and I love my summer bright colours, so I picked my summer nail polish collection. I love having bright and colourful nails in spring and summer I just couldn't miss these out. They main consist of Barry M because I love their polishes :)

So that's it for this post, a little more to read then normal :) 

I hope you've enjoyed reading and speak to you soon 
Bye :)

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