Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fathers Day Meal

Hello again,

So today is fathers days, we went to visit my brother in Leeds and had a bit of a shop round because Leeds has such nice shops from high street to high end which I love :) 

However, my main reason for the post is where we went for dinner. I wasn't going to blog about it, but it was just to amazing not to. I have to say sorry first though because the photos are from my phone so they aren't the best quality.

The restaurant we went to was called Fazenda in Leeds and its rated my trip advisor as one of the top 10 places to eat in Leeds. 

For drink I ordered my favourite cider of all time which is the Rekorderlig strawberry and lime cider. My drink of chose is always flavoured cider and this one is just perfect for summer, I thought it was really cute that it came with a strawberry and lime as well :) 

There isn't a menu here, just a salad bar with so many different types and sauces. All the salads were fresh and very tasty I have to say, there was a large range which catered for everyones needs.

The selling point though was the meat. I am a massive meat lover so the idea of having 7 different types of meat was ideal. For the lunch menu there was 7 meats and for the tea time menu there was 14. The chefs came round each table with different meat and cut you slices, you could have as much as you wanted and which part of the joint you preferred as well. In the picture below is the rump beef, but my favourite was the lamb :) all the meat was cooked to the highest standard and I liked that you could try it all even if that type of meat might not have been one you would have picked. 

One of the really cleaver ideas is these little cards. Each person at the table has one of these and one side is green, the other is red. These are indicators to whether you want more meat or not, if you want the chef to stop at your table you have it on green, however if you need a break or happy with what you have turn it to red and you can enjoy your meal until you want some more :) 

I would highly recommend Fazenda, it is quite expensive so I would say its perfect for special occasions and if you are like me and love meat this is the place for you :)

Which is your favourite place to eat?

Hope you have enjoyed reading and speak to you soon
Bye :) 


  1. Looks like you had a great father's day meal! Absolutely love Rekorderlig too - have you tried the mango flavoured one?

    Yinyin xx

    1. Yeah it was lovely :) oooh there's a mango flavour? I'm going to have to try that :) xx


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