Thursday, 20 June 2013


Hello again,

Today's post is going to be a bit different. I'm going to talk about dyslexia and I apologise in advance that it will be all words and no pictures which is a bit strange for me because I like my pictures in my blog's. I know many people have dyslexia around the world but I wanted to talk about my experience and just to make more of awareness about it.

When I was in primary school one of my teachers told my parents that she thought I suffered from dyslexia and to make sure that my secondary school were aware of this. So from a young age I have been known that I have had this so have adapted my learning skills from then on really. 

When I went to secondary school I had tests every year on my reading, grammar, spelling and coloured over lays as white paper normally hurts my eyes so I prefer to read and write on coloured paper. However, I never got a proper psychologist report which is what you need to prove what type of dyslexia you have and what support should be in place. This is a thing I regret because I could have been given support through my high school life. People at my school didn't really know I had dyslexia because I was in top sets and worked around things I found hard, to make me improve in areas. So when I went for tests I was always embarrassed as people would always ask why I was there and if I really did have dyslexia. 

I moved sixth forms as I wanted a new experience which in hindsight I am so pleased I did push myself to do as I met so many amazing friends :) however, I didn't inform my new school that I was dyslexic so my help and tests stopped for 2 years, which again I regret because the support team at that school was known to be great so would have helped me in the ways that I needed.

When I went to university I was advised to make sure I told them and to get the help because it was just silly that I was struggling with stuff and the help was there I just had to ask. I have to say my university have been so good over the last year putting things in place and helping me get the support that I need. Student finance paid for my test as they are around £300 each, so that was a big relief that the payment was sorted. This report then determined that I was dyslexic and I have a severe form of it which affects my processing time which means it takes a long time for me to process information. It also affects my spelling, grammar and reading skills. This allowed the university to provide help where needed which I have already found the benefit of. In all to have the tests, help provide and receive technology support has taken 6 months.

I am so pleased that I got the help I need and told people that I had dyslexia so I don't have to struggle any more and just stay away from things that I worry about. I wanted to do this post because I just want people to know that just people you or someone else has dyslexia doesn't mean they are stupid but it didn't affect my studies. Don't use it as an excuse but there is help out there you just have to ask for it. Don't be like me and hide the fact, embrace it :)   

So I guess this will explain if my spelling, grammar and vocabulary isn't great, just bare with me :P

Sorry for so much to read but wanted to put it out there as it's an important topic to me. This was hard for me to put out there because I don't really like telling people I have dyslexia but I just wanted you to be aware.

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak soon 
Bye :)  


  1. Your Grammar and spelling is amazing my brother has dyslexia and using the tools his spelling and reading is getting there but it does take him a lot longer to do a piece of work

    New follower here

    C x

    1. Yeah that I annoying, takes me so much longer to do work! On most of my posts I do get them checked but thank you :) x


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