Sunday, 26 May 2013

Uni Room

Hello again :)

So I have just finished my first year of university and I'm all moved out and back home for summer which I have to say is such a lovely feeling :) I thought I would do a post on my room at university so show everyone what a proper university room looks like :P because a lot of my friends had amazing accommodation and such nice rooms and then there was mine which was like a prison :P

I also thought this would be useful for people going to uni next year so you could what you needed or just get some ideas of what you want to do with your new room :)

So this was looking into my room, I went for a pink and blue theme as my Mum bought me a Jack Wills bed throw which I really loved so when round that. My towel and night jacket thing hung up on the side of my wardrobe so I could get to them easily :) fan was very useful because my flat was like an oven even in winter, so in the summer the fan was much needed! As you can see its a very small room with just the basics but I found that's all I needed. I shared with 7 people and we had a kitchen, toilet room and a shower room to share, which wasn't as bad as it sounds. Through the whole year I think I only waited for the shower once :) 

These were my shelves above my desk :) as you can I had a mixture of things on them from uni books, cook books to teddies and things from family :) I found having homely stuff around my room really nice as when you were having a down day you just had little things to remind you of home :) under the shelves where my calender which had important stuff highlighted and kept me right with what day it was :P my most important photos where also there so when I was working I just looked up and saw everyone how is important to me there :)

I was really lucky to have no one looking into my room, this was my view and it was just a security road so it was hardly ever used so I felt like my little room was very private :)

I hope that this was useful for some people or just interesting to see someone else's university commodation! I also hope it's made some people a bit happier about where they were because out of all my friends my accommodation was properly the worst :P

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak soon 
Bye :)


  1. hej katie,
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and welcome to th blogger world. i hope you will love it as much as i do.

    i've never seen a college room since we don't have them here in germany and it looks quite cosy. i love the idea of living with lots of people in my age. sounds like lots of party.


    1. thank you :) yeah I'm loving it so far :)

      Oh really, yeah this year has been so fun living with different people in a different city :) loved it! xx

  2. Loved how you decorated the boring walls!! :)

    christina xx

    1. yeah that was the first thing I wanted to do, when I first moved in the room looked like a prison cell so I put my posters and pictures up first :) xx

  3. I love how homely you made it look! I remember the first time I walked into my uni room it literally looked like a prison cell, I had to put up a whole bunch of pictures straight away or I think I would have burst into tears hehe

    Jennie xo |

    1. I know same! When I took it all down it just look so horrible and not my room anymore! Can't wait to decorate my second year house :)

  4. Love the photo collage you've done! Very jealous of your JW bed throw!
    Yinyin xx

  5. I had a picture wall just like yours in my first uni room. brings back so many memories! hope you enjoy your second year!

    Fikki of The Pastime Bliss

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