Saturday, 4 May 2013

Favourite Spring/Summer Lipsticks

Hello again, today I thought I would show you 2 of my favourite lipsticks that I'm lovely at the moment

Both of them are high end and do cost quite a lot but I think that high end lipsticks are worth it as their colours are vibrant and they stay on your lips for so long :)

My first one is from NARS and its there satin lip pencil in the colour YU. This isn't a typical lipstick as its a pencil and the colour stains your lips so you dont have a keep applying it which I love. The colour is a bight pink and is quite glossy.

I'm addicted to the colour and find myself reaching for it most days now. When I've been out people have noticed it and asked what it is and where can you get it, which I have to say I do enjoy :P

My second love it M.A.Cs matte lipstick in Candy Yum Yum. This lipstick has been raved about over the last month or so and I just couldn't resist not picking one up as I'm lovely bold and bright lips at the moment. I have to say when I saw it in the show I new it was going to be a great buy and I wasn't wrong. I wear this as more of a statement lipstick as its more bright Barbie pink and its just so gorgeous.

The picture doesn't do it justice but it's such an amazing colour and it puts me in such a good mood when I wear it.

The colours do look very similar but in real life and on the lips they are completely different as the NARS has more of a red tint and the M.A.C is just pure pink :)

What lipsticks are you loving and can recommend for me to try over the spring and summer?

Hope you've enjoyed reading and ill speck to you soon
Bye :)   


  1. Oh wow, candy yum yum is stunning & it looks beautiful on you! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. yeah i'm in love with it :) and thank you <3

  2. Love the Candy Yum Yum! But I actually prefer lip products in pencil form (like the NARS).
    Super cute! :)

  3. Both of the lipstick colours look fabulous! A gorgeous summer colour :)



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