Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Typical Geography Student

Hello again :)

At my university accommodation I have a notice board in my room, to start with I just had flyers and leaflets however I didn't like how it looked so thought I would buy a world map and pin it onto the board, just like a proper geography student should do :P

I love the world map because I love looking at it and picking places I would like to visit and travel round. Hopefully my next adventure will be Australia and New Zealand, but also I would love to travel around the USA but in particular California :) I love visiting places and experiencing new places, and having the map up on my wall just reminds me how big the earth is and how much I still have to see!

However, I as a student so I had to put university stuff round the outside which I thought was a nice idea as it filled the rest of the board but also had flyers and leaflets that I liked. Some are just like doctors card, university information but I also have bars and clubs and also some sporting events I have been to over the last year :) at the top of the board I have my wristbands that I collected over freshers week and kept them as I thing they are good to remember :)

So where has been your favourite place to visit in the world and where is your next adventure hopefully going to be?

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speck to you soon
Bye :) 

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