Saturday, 25 May 2013

Graze Box

Hello again :)

In my ASOS magazine the other day I received a promotion code for a free Graze Box. My brothers girlfriends bought he a couple for Christmas and he really enjoyed them so I thought as it was free I would give it ago :)

I had heard to received a free box you had to sign up and buy at least 4 to get the free one, however when I went onto the website I did have to sign up and put in card details in and it said  I was on a 'one box a week contract' however you can cancel your card at any time to the payments stop. So once my first box came I cancelled my card so i did have to start paying, if I really like them i might re-sign me and carry on my orders :)

On the website you can can say which snacks and nibbles you like and don't so they know what to send and what not to. 

In my box I had a range of different things to try and they all come in separate boxes which I thought was so good because you could just put one in your handbag and just eat on the go instead on taking the whole box, even though the box itself isn't very big. I thought they were all lovely, I wasn't so keen on the sauce that came with the bread sticks but my mum liked it so she just ate that, and also some of the dried fruit but that was  mainly due to the fact I'm not a big lover of dried fruit.

Overall I have to say I did like the Graze box and thought the delivery was really good and the website was really helpful :) I'm glad I order a free one to try them, out but I'm not 100% sure if the snakes are my type of thing so properly wont keep getting them. If you like seeds, nuts and dried fruit these are for you, but if like me you aren't to sure what they are or just want to try them I would say find a code and just get the free box and see what you think :)

Have you ever tried the Graze boxes? And if not would you ever want to just see what they were like?

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speak soon 
Bye :) 

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