Saturday, 11 May 2013

My Cambridge Satchel

Hello again :)

For Christmas my parents bought me a Cambridge Satchel in dark Brown with the letters KT embossed on the top in gold. I wanted to do a blog post on this because I love this bag so much and use it most days so thought I would share it with you guys because they are such a lovely statement bag :)

For university I was using an old backpack for the lectures however this was to big and I didn't really like it any more, so for Christmas asked for a smaller but nicer bag to put my lecture stuff into. The one I have is the second to biggest size of the the classics and I find that it fits my A4 notepads, nurse, pens, phone and keys in which is all I need for my every day university life. I have fallen in love and think its such a lovely bag for this and a bit different :) I also use this bag for everyday shopping because it's also a good size to fit in what I take for shopping trips and day outs.

My mum put the letters KT on my bag because when I was younger this is how I used to spell my name (I thought I was cool), I quite like it because it makes the bag more original and personalised to me :) the leather is very stiff and shiny which is nice and its brand new and smells like proper leather, however when scratches do appear I think it just adds character to the bag as it will last me so many years :)

So overall I believe this bag is so good for many reasons and also will get better in time as its one of them bags you will keep for so many years :) I definitely think they are worth the price.

So which bag are you in love with at the moment and if you have a Cambridge Satchel what are your thought?

Hope you've enjoyed reading and speck soon 
Bye :)

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