Friday, 15 November 2013

London Haul

Hello again my sweets,

Last week I had a reading week for uni so treated myself to a long weekend in London visiting my boyfriend :) I had such a lovely time and was nice to spend some proper time together :)
As I was in London we had to go for a shopping day and I spoilt myself and bought some things I have wanted for ages!!

My favourite street is Carnaby Street and it made me very happy that the Christmas decorations were up, I love it in cities when everything looks so festive :)

If you saw my university room tour you will have seen my collection of Dunny's on my window sill! As we walked passed Forbidden Planet it would be rude of me not to buy another :P I bought one from the 2012 collection and Matty bought one from the Apocalypse which he kindly gave to me, I have been really lucky that I haven't picked the same one twice as its completely random which one you get :) I really like these two as they are really colourful but really different!   

I have been on the hunt for a really nice purple lipstick for winter and we went into a MAC store and I just fell in love with this colour. Its called 'Rebel' and is a pinky purple tone, not as dark as I was orginally wanting but I think its more wearable and suits me more :) I think this and my dark red will be my go to lipsticks for the next couple of months! One thing that did shock me is MAC lipsticks are now £15!! When did that happen??

Johnny Cupcakes is one of my favourite places to visit in London, they always have the coolest tshirts and sweaters! I bought a top when I was last in London but I have been wanting the classic sweater for ages now so I bite the bullet and got it :) it is the comfiest jumper I have and I have just totally fallen in love :) its a bit to big but that's how I wanted it to be as I love baggy jumpers!!  

We had both heard great things about a burger place in Covent Gardens so we thought we would try it out and have an early dinner there! We weren't to sure what it was called but found it out it was shake shack! I have to say it was so nice and so filling, I practically had to roll back :) it was set out as a take out service so you order at the counter and picked up from a window and took it to your seat. The burgers were amazing and the cheesy chips were so good :) we didn't try the special drinks they did but they sounds amazing and think I might try one next time we are around Convent Gardens :) 

I love London and want to make the most of it when Matty's at university there so think I will be having a lot of trips there in the next couple of years :) 

Any places you would recommend us visiting in London?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)


  1. Mac lipsticks have gotten so expensive! Fab haul!

  2. I love that lipstick shade but I can't believe they're now £15?! ...and those burgers look divine (It wasn't a good idea to read this post at night as its now making me peckish!)

  3. I can't believe MAC lipsticks are so expensive now! Rebel looks like a lovely shade though, well worth the investment! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. That looks like a gorgeous shade!
    Agree with you on the price too, shocking! I bought some MAC stuff from the states recently and they're $15, so jealous of how cheap it is over the pond!
    Great post m'lovely!


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