Monday, 22 April 2013

Life on a farm

Went to my Grandparents farm today before returning to uni :)
I turned into a right little farmer, took some pictures of the animals and then drove a tractor for the first time!

Meet Doris the dash hound and Bubbles the Shetland pony :) they are the cutest (sorry about the mess that is my face). Doris is just a puppy and the funniest thing to watch as she runs round the yard and Bubbles is the most spoilt pony I know as she has the run of the farm.

After helping with the animals, Grandad took me on one of the tractors, it had 24 gears forward and back! Bit of a different drive to the Lamborghini last weekend! Hard to get used to but quite fun once I'd got going :) I spend some time going round the field then had the task of picking up some hay to take back for the horses, have to say it was a lot of fun.

Sorry for the rubbish photos, what happens when animals move to much! Had great fun and love spending time with my Grandparents :)
Hope you enjoyed reading and speck soon 
Bye :)

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