Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Last night I went out for a meal at Banyan in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Thought I'd do a blog post on it because the cocktails and food were just so good! 

Banyan does have offers on through week which does save a lot of money because the drinks and food are a bit pricey even though they are delicious. We started off ordering cocktail and my favourite from there is their Skittles one, as you can see they just look amazing :) even though as the same with most cocktails its mostly ice, when they are 2-4-1 I think they are defiantly worth it.

For our mains I had a cheese burger and chips and my boyfriend has the ranch burger which was chicken, they both looked amazing and came on a wooden slab which I have to say looked very cool, but simple thinks make me happy :) I have to say the burger was fantastic and so filling, I would defiantly recommend them. As the same with the drinks the main meals were 2-4-£12.95 which I didn't think was that bad.

Even though the burger has incredibly filling, my favourite part of a meal is always the pudding so I had to fit it in. However, I forgot to take a picture which I am annoyed at but I can say it was amazing and I had the chocolate cake with clotted cream, ice cream :) so I do have to admit that I was rolled out the restaurant because I had eaten way to much.
Throughout the whole meal the service had been so good till the pudding because I think she had forgot I had wanted one, but she was very apologetic and was quick at getting it.

Overall I had a lovely night and if you are in the area I would recommend Banyan for food or drink, or if a bar need you does Skittle cocktails, try one!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed :)

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