Monday, 15 April 2013

6th Gear Experience

So for christmas me and my brother were given a 6th gear experience day. We are both a bit car mad and I blame my dad for this, I do have a strange obsession with cars and going to look at them. For the last 5 years I have been a massive F1 fan and 2 years ago I was able to visit Silverstone and watch the British Grand Prix which was so amazing and the noise from the cars was just amazing.

I do have a lot more photos which are better and of the weekend, so even though it was 2 years ago if you would like I could also do a post on my F1 weekend.

However, from that weekend my love for cars has grown massively and when I turned 17 I was determined to pass my test so I would be able to drive myself, I have been driving for nearly 2 years now and this has meant that I was able to drive one of my favourite cars!

With the experiences me and my brother were given we were able to pick from a list of super cars, they were either an Audi R8, Aston Martin Vantage, Ariel Atom, Ferrari 380, Porsche 997 Turbo or a Lamborghini Gallardo. All of these cars are just amazing so having to pick which one we wanted to drive was going to be very hard! However, we both went for the Lamborghini because who wouldn't want to drive one of those. We both upgraded to the Lamborghini LP560 and on the 13/05/2013 our dreams came true.

The track was at Elvington, York and when we approached all you could see was various super cars going around the track so we just watched them for about 20 minutes because I have never seen a fantastic collection of cars before in my life. We had to register at 1.15 where we were told the layout of the day, which was a tour of the track then your drive then a high speed lap in a Radical.

Here are just some of the cars that were there on the day

We waited in the queue where a Range Rover would drive us around the track and give us an idea of what to expect when we went out for our drive.

Once we had in idea of the corners and the racing lines we had to take it we then just had to wait for our name to be called, even though we were waiting about 30 mins it didn't seem it as you just watched the other cars go in and out and listen to the cars as they flow around the track. I was driving first out of us, and I was introduced to my car, and this is what they allowed me to drive.

We had 3 laps and my first lap I have to admit was a bit rubbish because I was nervous and wasn't really sure what to do, however on the second lap I had so much more confidence I was able to put my foot down, the feeling when you are going that fast and you know your in control and how fast they brake is so incredible. By the last lap I hit around 130mph on the straight and the instructor in the car said I was quite a good driver which I did smile at. The only thing I wish is that there had been one more lap because I think I would have really been able to push myself as I knew what to do by then.

My brother then drove the same car and it was so good watching him because I knew where he would be braking and putting his foot down. We did have a competition between ourself and as I watched him go round I thought he had won, when we finished we compared scores and I was given 82/100 and he was given 81/100 and I was also 10 seconds faster. It was so close but I have to say I was so pleased I won! 

We were then given a hot lap in a Radical were a professional driver takes you round. I have to say this thing is stupidly fast and I was a typical girl as a screamed the whole way round. 

It only takes 3 seconds for this car to hit 60mph and can go 155mph, it's impressive how fast this was going around the track compare to the other cars, it made all the other super cars look slow!

As a car fan I have to say this was just an amazing day and experience and I feel so lucky to have been able to do this. I would recommend this as its a great gift and theres lots of different packages at different prices, under 17s can also drive some of the adapted cars so the whole family can have a go.

Hope you enjoyed my first post and I'll speak to you soon 
Bye :)

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