Monday, 7 July 2014

Tour de France

Hello my lovelies, 

So the Tour de France came to Yorkshire this weekend which just happens to be where I live so I was lucky enough to watch and experience the event!
I have never seen Harrogate so busy which was were we watched it on the first day. We were about 200m from the finish line and watched it on the large screens as we couldn't get anywhere near to actually watch them. However the atmosphere was just amazing and was great to witness such a massive event in my home town :)

Some kid climbed a tree behind us to get a better view of the race, and even Percy Pig made an appearance

On the second day we went to Knarsborough to watch the race where this time I actually saw the bikes and support teams. We were stood in front of the house which had place red spots on it to look like the King of the Mountains jersey. Once again the atmosphere was incredible with everyone cheering each van which came through :)

All around the towns and villages there was bunting and yellow bikes lining the route. This knitted bunting was everywhere which I thought was so cute and made everywhere look really nice. 
I also got into the spirt with my nails painted in the jersey colours and with a English flag as you can see below and on the other hand I had a french flag.

I had such an amazing weekend and was so pleased that I was able to watch such a massive event and so proud that it happened in my local area :) 

Did any of you watch the Tour de France?

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Thank you for reading, Bye :)

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