Monday, 16 June 2014

Sight Seeing: The Queens Official Birthday

Hello my lovelies 

I spent the weekend in London celebrating my 20th birthday :) 
Me and my family got up to a lot of things and made the most of being in the capital for a couple of days. On the Saturday we went to watch Trooping of the Colour, which is the celebrations of the Queens official birthday which happens every year on a Saturday in June. We walked down the Mall and the police presents and security was massive! We got to the Mall just in time as we saw all the guards on horse back come through and then got a quick peak at the Queen herself in the carriage! This was a highlight for me as I have never seen the Queen and was nice to see her on my birthday weekend!  

We then left the Mall and headed to Tower Bridge as they were having a 62 gun salute at 1 and we thought that would be better to see then watch the Queen from a far again. Watching the guns go off makes we realise the power they have and how much damage they could do! 

After all the celebrations we went for a walk around Shoreditch and went for a wonder around Brick Land to see some of the street art! I really didn't realise how amazing the art was and the scale of it. You cant really see it when you walk past, you have to take a step back to really appreciate it at its best :) these were just a few of my favourites!  

We then when to Tower Hill and the Shard for dinner and a drink which was really lovely! However, just a word of warning the Shard has a dress code so if you want to go in make sure you look smart :P 

I really do love London as a city and I am so pleased that I am able to spend more time down there as my boyfriend is at university down there! I love doing touristy things and finding new little places :)

Where is your favourite place in London? 

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Thank you for reading and promise to speak soon, Bye :)


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend in London! Xx


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